Jarrod Spector On What It's Like To Be Sonny Bono In 'The Cher Show'


On this week's Inside Broadway, Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy speak with Jarrod Spector about portraying "Sonny Bono" in The Cher Show. He explains what it is like to play a recognizable person and not to make the role an imitation:

"Not to compare myself to Ben Platt, but when Ben Platt walks off stage after playing Evan Hansen, he's Ben Platt. But when you walk off stage playing Frankie Valli (or Sonny Bono), people at the stage door, especially, talk to you as though you are actually him... and that is truly fascinating.The look on their faces is as though I am some sort of conduit to these people and that is the extra layer of separation between me and an audience. At first it's like oh wow I'm doing my job properly, but where does that leave me?

Spector goes on to talk about his solo show, that dives into what it's like to play real people rather than fictional characters. Later, he describes what queen Cher herself thinks about the show and cast! Watch above and listen below.


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