2021 Drama Pulitzer Prize To Consider Streaming & Cancelled Productions

The Pulitzer Prize Board will consider postponed or cancelled productions as well as shows streamed online for the 2021 drama prize. 

Dramatic works postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic, as well as productions performed outside, online or in other venues will now be eligible to win the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The prize will encompass theatrical productions that were scheduled to or able to open between January 1 and December 31, 2020. 

“The spread of the COVID virus has closed theaters but has in no way dampened the creativity of the nation’s playwrights. In this year, of all years, we wanted to honor the work that is being done. The shows are going on, even if the audience is remote,” Pulitzer co-chairs Stephen Engelberg, Editor-in-Chief, ProPublica, and Aminda Marqués Gonzalez, President, Publisher and Executive Editor, Miami Herald said in a statement. 

Michael R. Jackson won the most recent Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his musical A Strange Loop.

Photo: Getty