Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer Talks Comedy, 'Beetlejuice' and More

On this Show and Tell with Frank DiLella podcast, Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer joins to talk about her Broadway career, being a comedic leading lady and originating roles.

Kritzer described taking Delia from screen to stage, "Alex Timbers the director and I went back and forth about the iconic Day-O scene. In the movie, it's not Delia's voice, it's the voice from the song, which makes it so funny because it's a man's voice on Catherine O'Hara's body. So I said is it going to be less funny because you're not hearing the iconic voice? We had to figure out a way for me to ride the line between doing an imitation, which is slightly controversial, to me in Delia being taken over and possessed. But at first, it was hard, but in DC it just worked." It definitely worked!

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