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Ryann Redmond On Being The First Woman To Play Olaf In Broadway's 'Frozen'

Ryann Redmond is "opening up the gates" for women in theater; Redmond is the first woman to play the beloved, "Olaf," in Disney's smash-hit musical Frozen on Broadway. Bob and Christine sat down with the Broadway superstar and talked all about the process of bringing everyone's favorite snowman to life.

Redmond gushes, "I got an email with an appointment to audition and I thought I was being tricked or pranked! I called my agent and I was like I think you guys sent me the wrong appointment... But, he said, I wish I could say that we pushed you for this, but they asked for you! ... So I went in and the rest is history!" What an accomplishment! Redmond also revealed the process of maneuvering the "Olaf" puppet and all the expressive movements it can do.

Later, Redmond talked about how she got her start in theater and why she decided to take the leap and move all the way to the Big Apple from Georgia. Watch our full interview above and go see Frozen on Broadway!