Joe Iconis And Will Roland Reveal The Driving Force Behind 'Be More Chill'

Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy chat with Joe Iconis, composer of Be More Chill and Will Roland who plays Jeremy in the production. They talk about how the fan base has been the show's biggest marketing tool and the critical issues the show touches on for the younger audience.

"Young people went totally nuts for it and it had you know a hundred million streams before we announced the off-broadway run last year. It's been kind of incredible every night to have such ardent fans coming to the theater... We have so many instances where you have a parent and a child and normally at the theater it's like 'hi I'm dad and I dragged my daughter to this show tonight,' but in this instance the kids are dragging their parents to this show and the parents are like 'I had no idea!' It's been this absolutely incredible thing to have these young people be the driving force behind this show."

Later, Iconis and Roland talks about their inspirations growing up as theater kids. Check out the full Inside Broadway podcast, new episode every week!

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