Bryan Adams On Writing The Score For ‘Pretty Woman: The Musical’

The legendary Bryan Adams stopped by the Lite FM studio to talk about the upcoming release of his new album Shine A Light (coming March 1, 2019), as well as his writing process for Broadway’s Pretty Woman: The Musical .

Jack Kratoville and Christine Nagy chatted with Adams about the differences between writing music for his own personal album vs for a musical score, “Writing a musical is no small feat. There’s 20 songs (in Pretty Woman,) it’s an entire original score. We had to write songs for each vignette of the musical and through the process of doing that, you probably write one or two other ideas – maybe you get it right the first time- so there’s probably 35-40 ideas just to narrow it down to 20….It’s easier to write if you have a mission, it’s song writing by design.” Is there anything he can't do?

Later, Adams talks about his love of photography and what is was like taking photos of legends such as Amy Winehouse, the Queen of England , Lana Del Rey, and more! Watch the full interview above.