Christian Borle and Adrianna Hicks On Getting The Giggles On Stage And Off

Two time Tony Award winner Christian Borle and Adrianna Hicks joined iHeartRadio Broadway to discuss all things Some Like It Hot.

The two stars chat their journeys to Some Like It Hot, funny moments onstage and off, and advice for young performers.

Check out the interview in the player above!

Borle and Hicks will be taking over the iHeartRadio Broadway station this week! Tune in at the times below:

TUESDAY, SEPT. 12: 12pm and 6pm

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FRIDAY, SEPT. 15: 10am and 4pm

SATURDAY, SEPT. 16: 8am and 2pm

SUNDAY, SEPT. 17: 1pm and 7pm

MONDAY, SEPT. 18: 7am and 3pm

Below, Hicks spills the tea on all things Some Like It Hot, Six the Musical and musical artist Tori Kelly. Borle spills the tea on being Sweeney Todd's biggest fan, and beauty secrets!