'Parade' Producers And Cast Members Respond To Neo-Nazi Protest

Photo: Emilio Madrid

Before last night's fist preview performance of Parade, audience members and cast members were met with antisemitic, Neo-Nazi members known as "The National Socialist movement" protesting outside the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre prior to last night’s first preview performance of Parade on Broadway.

The protest was quickly published on social media, with many in the Broadway community speaking out on behalf the show. After the evening's performance, Ben Platt took to his own social media platforms to speak out against the events that took place and this morning the producers for Parade issued the following statement:

“If there is any remaining doubt out there about the urgency of telling this story in this moment in history, the vileness on display last night should put it to rest. We stand by the valiant Broadway cast that brings this vital story to life each night.”
Cast members shared their own opinions throughout the night including Douglas Lyons, who plays Riley in Parade "To the Nazis who protested our beautiful show with hatred directly outside our dressing rooms, fear don’t work here baby. We gon tell the story and we gon tell it with conviction."