Rob Ashford Set To Direct New Broadway Bound Production Of Sherlock Holmes

Producer Antonio Marion announced today that Tony and Olivier Award-winning director, Rob Ashford, is set to direct a brand-new production of Sherlock Holmes, a stage epic by British writing team Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel, with Akram Khan joining as choreographer. The new play will be developed in London before West End and Broadway bows.

Staged as a mystery within a mystery, the case presented to Holmes forces him to confront his murky past. But is the unravelling of his childhood just a dangerous diversion? Sherlock Holmes is an original tale which will offer a new and deeply theatrical exploration of the mind of the famous detective, while remaining faithful to the mysterious world created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Ashford commented, “When we identified that the setting of our production wasn’t necessarily a place, but perhaps an emotion, with characters driven by their souls and desires, I realized we had a project that demanded being brought to life on the stage. Wagstaff and Abel have created a new, sweeping Sherlock Holmes with modern versions of the classic characters fighting hidden demons in a visceral, emotional, sensual thrill ride that could derail at any moment"

Marion stated, “Rob Ashford & Akram Khan are two of our industry's premier creative forces, with a keen eye on bringing this story to life utilizing the inherent devices of the theater all while modernizing our production for a new audience in a new generation. They will take our production to new heights, bringing audiences a theatrical experience unlike anything we've seen on the stage.”
Khan commented, “Ever since I was a teenager growing up in London, I've felt a sense of familiarity and often connected with the struggle and bond to each other that Holmes & Watson inhabit. Their complex and dynamic relationship is what makes great theater. It's the adventure of a lifetime to work with Rob and these literary legends on a new production which will bring a new generation of audiences to the world of Holmes.”

The characters and stories of Sherlock Holmes have been loved by audiences around the world for more than a hundred years, having first been introduced in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1887 novel A Study in Scarlet. Conan Doyle went on to feature Sherlock Holmes in three more novels (including The Hound of the Baskervilles) and in 56 short stories. The famous detective made his first appearance on Broadway in 1899.

More details, including casting, the creative team and theater, will be announced shortly.