Telly Leung And Megan Sikora Chat 'Ensemble' Documentary

Broadway On Demand, is now streaming the world premiere of Ensemble, a behind the scenes look at cast members from the biggest hits on Broadway as they come out of isolation to examine their love of performing and how they can be the change they want to see in the world and in the industry they love.

Ensemble features Cameron Adams (Mrs. Doubtfire), Aaron J. Albano (Hamilton), Stephanie Bissonnette (Mean Girls), Gaby Gamache (Aladdin), Karla Puno Garcia (Hamilton), David Guzman (Newsies), Jacob Guzman (West Side Story), Sasha Hutchings (Oklahoma), James T. Lane (Ain't Too Proud Tour), iris menas (Anybodys in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story), Khori Michelle Petinaud (Moulin Rouge), Emilio Ramos (The King & I) and Megan Sikora (Holiday Inn). Ensemble is directed by Pierre Marais (Aladdin), moderated by Mo Brady (The Ensemblist) and choreographed by Karla Puno Garcia.

On the one-year anniversary of the longest shutdown in Broadway history, a multigenerational group of Broadway ensemble members come together to both dance and reflect on the year that was and what the world's largest stage can learn from this Intermission to come back for a stronger and more equitable Act Two.

“It may not feel this way now, but the pandemic will eventually be a thing of the past” said producer Telly Leung. “Joey Monda and I felt strongly that it was important to capture this moment of uncertainty as a time-capsule of this unprecedented time for our industry. It is our hope that future generations of theater artists will watch this and know a little bit of what we went through in order to learn from it and become better artists and citizens of the world.”

Ensemble is conceived by Aaron J. Albano and Mo Brady. It is executive produced by Drew Desky & Dane Levens, Drew & Dane Productions; Matthew Woolf, Woolf Productions LLC; Elliott and Cathy Masie, MASIE Productions. It is produced by Aaron J. Albano, Mo Brady, Telly Leung and Joey Monda.