Ben Levi Ross, Zachary Noah Piser, Sam Primack To Star In Dear Evan Hansen

Photo: Matthew Murphy

This spring, Dear Evan Hansen will welcome back Ben Levi Ross, who earned critical acclaim when he originated the role of ‘Evan Hansen’ on the first North American tour after understudying the role on Broadway. Zachary Noah Piser, who has been part of the Dear Evan Hansen family since March 2019 and is currently the ‘Evan’ alternate on Broadway, will then become the first Asian American actor to step into the role full-time. Following Zachary, Sam Primack, who began as an understudy on Broadway and is now the alternate ‘Evan Hansen’ on Tour, will take over the role this summer.  

It was also announced today that Talia Simone Robinson will play the role of ‘Zoe Murphy’ beginning May 2022. Currently a Zoe/Alana understudy, Robinson will be the first Black actor to play the part full-time. 

“The Dear Evan Hansen understudies and alternates are an extraordinarily hard-working and multi-talented group of actors and I'm very excited to see so many valued members of our family have the opportunity to lead the company throughout the next year,” Mindich said. "It's also thrilling to welcome back Ben Ross, who originated the title role on Tour in 2018, but began his journey with the show as a triple cover on Broadway.” 

Broadway’s current Evan, Jordan Fisher, will play his final performance on Sunday, February 20; Zachary Noah Piser will share the role with the Evan covers through March 20. Gabrielle Carrubba, currently playing Zoe Murphy on Broadway, will play her final performance on May 1.

The current company of Dear Evan Hansen includes Jordan Fisher, Gabrielle Carrubba, Jessica Phillips, Christiane Noll, David Jeffery, Ivan Hernandez, Jared Goldsmith, and Phoebe Koyabe, and Zachary Noah Piser, Reese Sebastian Diaz, Linedy Genao, Nathan Levy, Mateo Lizcano, Dan Macke, Jane Pfitsch, Talia Simone Robinson, Asa Somers, Josh Strobl, and Nicole Van Giesen.