Watch Sydney James Harcourt's New Parody Music Video 'Vaccinated'

This morning Good Morning America premiered a new music parody video from Broadway's Sydney James Harcourt (Hamilton, American Idiot, Bells Are Ringing) and his good friend Sara Botkin. The song is a parody of the classic 'Reunited' by Peaches and Herb and is updated to fit the current climate of the pandemic. Harcourt and Botkin created the music video to help inform and spread the word on the importance of the vaccine to beat COVID-19. Their message and ultimate goal is evident in the video of seeing the country at a 70% vaccination rate, getting back to seeing loved ones, Broadway returning and lives moving to a new normal. The video is directed by Zlatko Malovic for Body of Work Films.

Vaccinated (and It Feels So Good) lyrics

I was a fool who used to run outside
’Til 2020 made me run and hide
A virus unfurled, was it the end of the world?
One week I’m gettin’ my massage next – scrubbin’ fruit in my garage
I kept my kids at home from school all year
Did remote learnin’ while we lived in fear
Longed for 2019, could someone find a vaccine? And now we are so thrilled to see three with high efficacy
Vaccinated, and it feels so good
Vaccinated, ’cause we understood
That science is real, and now the whole world can heal We both are so elated ’cause we’re vaccinated, hey, hey
I sat here starin’ at the same old wall
Came back to life just when I got the call
That it was my turn in line, immunity would be mine I got my CDC card now I’m feelin’ fine, hey, hey
Right arm or left arm honey, I don’t care
Just put it in me darlin’ anywhere
I stayed six feet away to not succumb to the plague My vaccination makes me say not today, ’Rona, not today
Vaccinated for the greater good Vaccinated, Fauci said we should
Two shots in my arm, they will protect me from harm And vaccination is the key to h- herd immunity
Antibodies coursin’ through my veins
I might go out to eat or board a plane
Give Grandma a kiss, tell me what’s on your list?
You know I’d love to hear ’em ’cause I’ve got the serum, hey, hey
Vaccinated, and it feels so good
You wanna hug me, baby now you could
We’re headed back to beautiful lives that we knew We both are so elated ’cause we’re vaccinated, hey, hey

Parody of the 1978 hit “Reunited,” which was composed by Dino Fekaris and Freddie Perren. Originally performed by Peaches & Herb. Karaoke track by KaraokeOnVEVO, executive producer: Joseph Vangieri. 

Watch the music video in the player above.