BC/EFA's Virtual 'Broadway Bares: Twerk from Home' Will Feature 170 Dancers

Broadway Bares: Twerk from Home, which premiere on Sunday, June 20, 2021 has announced the full lineup of performers for the 2nd virtual edition of the beloved program. In Broadway Bares: Twerk from Home, 14 all-new concept videos put a tantalizing twist on being stuck at home. The cast breaks the monotony of working from home, in numbers that put the “tart” into at-home baking and deliver the perfect package to your doorstep. The annual, modern-day striptease show is produced by and benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

The free and frisky stream, which for the second year replaces the in-person event because of the pandemic, streams at 9 pm Eastern. It can be watched at broadwaycares.org/bares2021, on Broadway Cares' YouTube channel, broadwaybares.com and on streaming media partner iHeartRadioBroadway.com.

Celebrating bodies of every shape and size, the cast of Broadway Bares: Twerk from Home knows the best part of getting dressed up is the undressing. Combining its signature blend of dance and striptease with cinematic filming techniques, Twerk from Home is a more up close and intimate Bares than ever before.

Performing in Broadway Bares: Twerk from Home are Cesar Abreu, Dave August, Justina Aveyard, Ehizoje Azeke, Marie Baramo, Darius Barnes, Joe Beauregard, Melody Betts, Stephanie Bissonnette, Joanne Borts, Olutayo Bosede, Steve Bratton, Amanda Braun, Yeman Brown, Karen Burthwright, Holly Ann Butler, Ian Campayno, Marc Cardarelli, Allyson Carr, Jude Cassion, Olivia Cece, Quran Chamberlin, Adrianne Chu, Milena J. Comeau, Calvin Cooper, Whitney Cooper, DeMarius Copes, Russell Corpis, Josh Cotham, Jeff Cowans, Jonté Culpepper, Marquis Cunningham, Barrett Davis, Sarah Davis, Willie Dee, Nicolas de la Vega, Paula DeLuise, Luis Esteves, Corry Ethridge, Daniel Lynn Evans, Tilly Evans-Krueger, Samantha Farrow, Rosie Lani Fiedelman, Hector Flores Jr., Judah Frank, Chelsea Freeman, Virgil Gadson, Katelyn Gaffney, Shannon Giles, Andrew Glaszek, Lupe Lucarelli, Michael Scott Gomez, Michael Graceffa, Taylor Green, Cedric Greene, Yancy Greene, Matthew Griffin, David Guzman, Jacob Guzman, Omar Hernandez, LaWanda Hopkins, Marissa Horton, Nina Hudson, Gabriel Hyman, Sabrina Imamura, Chris Jarosz, Kolin Jerron, Kevin Jones, Justin Keats, Jesse Kramer, Ryan Lammer, Emily Larger, Eric Lehn, Kourtni Lind-Watson, Jaimie Linn, Edward Louis-Charles, Mattie Love, Mark MacKillop, Chase Madigan, Jeremiah Maestas, Andre Malcolm, Nathalie Marrable, Tomás Matos, Elliott Mattox, Reginald Mebane, Arianne Meneses, Michelle Mercedes, Aisha Mitchell, Stanley Munoz, Jan Erik Navoa, Brayden Newby, Jim Newman, Chris Newsome, Steve Pacek, Christopher Patterson-Rosso, Janice Picconi, Jalen Preston, Madeline Reed, Gabriel Reyes, Alex Ringler, Joseph Rivera, Geraldine Rojas, Marissa Rosen, Marc Royale, Julius Rubio, Amy Ruggiero, MiMi Scardulla, Richard Schieffer, Ricky Schroeder, Ray Sheen, Montana Sholars, Christine Sienicki, Nick Silverio, Ahmad Simmons, Tré Smith, Gabriella Sorrentino, James Monroe Števko, Ron Tal, Kevin Taylor, Dee Tomasetta, Willow Toner, Cameron Turner, Alec Varcas, Justine Vasquez, Richard E. Waits, La’Nette Wallace, Craig Washington and Julius Williams.

The celebratory finale, filmed outside in the heart of Times Square, is co-produced by HunterPark Productions. The grand finale features performers Stephanie Bissonnette, Willie Dee, Cedric Greene, Sabrina Imamura, John Paul LaPorte, Gabriella Sorrentino, Dee Tomasetta, Jennifer Wolfe with Michelle Dowdy, Ted Keener, Sarah Lewandowski, Aaron Libby, Glen Llanes, Nalina Mann, William Michael, Pascal Pastrana, Montana Sholars, Katie Thrasher and Justine Vasquez.

The finale cast also includes Maci Arms, David Ballard, Marie Baramo, Joe Beauregard, Steve Bratton, Allyson Carr, Olivia Cece, Quran Chamberlain, Milena J. Comeau, Calvin Cooper, Josh Cotham, Kellyann Coyle, Jonté Culpepper, Nicolas de la Vega, Mollie Downes, Hector Flores Jr., Chelsea Freeman, Les Gibbs, Nina Hudson, Emily Klein, Jesse Kramer, Danielle Fraboni LaRauf, Jaimie Linn, Mark MacKillop, Andre Malcolm, Megan Marod, Tomás Matos, Elliott Mattox, Aisha Mitchell, Justin Mock, Zachary Morris, Jan Erik Navoa, Chris Newsome, Mark Osmundsen, Jeffrey Parizotto, Christopher Patterson-Rosso, Janice Picconi, Steven Rada, Madeline Reed, Lanae Rhodes, Alex Ringler, Annette G. Rodriguez, Paul Romero, John Patrick Sabatos, Chad Sapp, MiMi Scardulla, Richard Schieffer, Ricky Schroeder, Ray Sheen, James Monroe Števko, Melissa Strain, Ron Tal, Kevin Taylor, Willow Toner, Joseph Tudor, Alec Varcas, Richard E. Waits, Julius Williams and Lena Wolfe.

In the show, NYC’s hottest dancers will perform sizzling numbers created across the city under strict COVID safety protocols.

Broadway Bares: Twerk from Home is directed by Bares creator and Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell with co-directors Laya Barak and Nick Kenkel. The show will include choreography by Barak, Kenkel, John Alix, Al Blackstone, Frank Boccia, Karla Puno Garcia, Jonathan Lee, Ray Mercer, Dylan Pearce, Jenn Rose, Luis Salgado, Michael Lee Scott, Gabriella Sorrentino, Kellen Stancil, Rickey Tripp and James Alonzo White.

Costumes for the virtual presentation will be designed by Sam Brooks, Kenwyn Dapo, Jess Gersz, Alexander Cole Gottlieb, Jennifer Jacob, Jeff Johnson-Doherty, James Nguyen, Nicolas Putvniski, Justin Quackenbush, Brendan Tufts, Jeffrey Wallach, TC Williams and DW Withrow. Caite Hevner serves as video production manager, joined by more than a dozen editors and directors of photography. Benedict Braxton-Smith leads the audio production team of sound and music editors. Bares veteran Johnny Milani returns as production stage manager, leading a team of more than 20 stage managers. For the finale, makeup is led by Cesar Silva and the hair team is led by Ian Joseph. The art for Broadway Bares: Twerk from Home features Yancy Greene as photographed by Roberto Araujo.

Though the stream is free, donations are welcome. Every dollar donated will help those across the country affected by HIV/AIDS, COVID-19 and other critical illnesses receive healthy meals, lifesaving medication, emergency financial assistance, housing, counseling and more.