Karen Olivo Departs 'Moulin Rouge' & Asks For An Industry With Integrity

Karen Olivo, who originated the role of Satine in the Broadway production of Moulin Rouge! The Musical, announced today she will not return to the production when Broadway shows resume performances. The announcement was made on her Instagram profile and comes a week after The Hollywood Reporter story which detailed allegations of abuse, bullying, and intimidation by Broadway producer Scott Rudin. In Olivo's announcement, she says her departure is directly related to the industry silence over the reporter (and known) abuse claims by Rudin. It should be noted that Scott Rudin does not produce Moulin Rouge.

During the Instagram video (which can be seen below), Olivio states: "Social Justice is more important than being the sparkling diamond. Building a better industry is more important than putting money in my pockets. The silence about Scott Rudin...unacceptable."

Olivo went on to say "I don't need to be on a stage. I need to be out here, I value humanity more; I want a theatre industry that matches my integrity." Olivo's announcement comes three days after the industry's major unions condemned workplace harassment, but failed to call out Rudin by name or give any actionable steps to help solve the program.

Photo: Getty Image