Jennifer Ashley Tepper Talks 'The Untold Stories of Broadway, Volume 4'

Recently Broadway historian, producer and author Jennifer Ashley Tepper joined iHeartRadio Broadway's SJ Arnegger to talk about her new book The Untold Stories of Broadway Volume 4, which is out now via Dress Circle Publishing. Tepper will also being joining SJ Arnegger on Clubhouse this Wednesday, March 10th from 12PM EST - 1PM EST to have a live conversation about her new Book. Clubhouse members in attendance will be able to ask questions as well!

The Untold Stories of Broadway, Volume 4 commemorates the one-year anniversary of the 2020-2021 Broadway shutdown. This landmark multi-volume series tells the stories of all of the theaters on Broadway; the new addition includes the beloved houses the Imperial, Jacobs, Studio 54, Minskoff, Friedman, and Golden, as well as the five Broadway theaters that were destroyed in 1982, changing the course of New York City history.

“During this time of great adversity for the theatre industry,” says Tepper, “when we’ve been shut down for an entire year, we wanted to create and share a new book that reveals Broadway’s essential nature and how special the theatre community is. Theatre people have always come together and persevered through tough times, and many of the stories in The Untold Stories Of Broadway, Volume 4 shine a light on this moment we're now living through, from a historic perspective.”

A portion of the book’s proceeds will benefit The Broadway Advocacy Coalition, the theater community’s response to the nation’s pandemic of racism and police brutality.

The Untold Stories Of Broadway, Volume 4, which includes over 30 new interviews, features hundreds of theatre professionals discussing everything that makes Broadway essential. How have shows like Fiddler on the Roof, Falsettos, A Raisin in the Sun, and Hair fought for social justice through art? Who are the groundbreaking artists whose names have been forgotten but should be remembered? What are the funniest bloopers from Les Misérables and the craziest legends from Studio 54’s days as a nightclub? What are the ways that American politics have affected theatre in the last century, from the Federal Theatre Project to satirizing presidents on stage? How has Broadway made it through tough times and remained the heart of New York City throughout it all? 

These invaluable books illuminate Broadway through the eyes of the producers, actors, stage hands, writers, musicians, company managers, dressers, designers, directors, ushers, door people and more who bring the theater to life each night.