Actress, Songwriter & Activist Mila Jam Joins Slumber Party With Tim Murray

On the latest episode of Slumber Party with Tim Murray, Mila Jam joins the podcast! Mila Jam is a songwriter, actress and LGBTQ activist. Mila is a popular Youtube star with her parodies of popular videos. She has also been seen in the international tour of RENT and has performed with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Tim on this week's podcast: "This episode represents exactly why I wanted to do this podcast. Mila Jam is a hilarious theatre-obsessed performer, just like myself. In between discussing her time in RENT and both of our love of Carrie the Musical we chatted about things we loved as queer kids and celebrated those things now as queer adults. She is a very inspirational speaker and I particularly loved talking to her about her Ted Talk: Black Trans Female Empowerment and joy!" 

Listen to the full episode in the player above.

Photo: Getty Image