'Zoey's' Kapil Talwalkar On How The Show Tackles Racism In Upcoming Episode

Recently Kapil Talwalkar from Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist joined iHeartradio Broadway's SJ Arnegger to chat about his role in season two of the hit NBC musical comedy/drama. Talwalkar plays Tobin Batra, who can best be described as the 'wanna be' Bro, who wants to be validated by his friends and co-workers, but at the end of the day is a goofball with a heart. Talwalkar talks about bringing Tobin to life and what the process of working with his co-stars and Mandy Moore each week is like.

Most importantly, Talwalkar talks about the significant conversations that take place in next week's episode. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist tackles systemic racism in the workplace, more specifically at SPRQPOINT, the main fictional tech firm highlighted each week on the show. Viewers get to see how all the characters deal with the conversations around racism when Simon (played by John Clarence Stewart) calls out his own company's failings with the lack of diversity throughout the company and how the company treats their minority staff members. Talwalkar also gets his own moment in the upcoming episode with his first solo "heart song" and viewers will get to see a new side Tobin.

Watch the full interview in the player above.