Laura Bell Bundy's 'American Girl' Tackles The Pressure Women Face Today

Actress, singer and Tony nominee, Laura Bell Bundy, is releasing her newest single “American Girl” Feat. Shea Carter today. This deeply personal song highlights the pressures of ageism, sexism, objectification and survival that American women are facing today. It is the third single off of Bundy’s upcoming highly-anticipated album, Women of Tomorrow.

Bundy says, "‘American Girl’ is a commentary from a women’s perspective of the consumer pressures of society, and the irony of our severe mental suffering while living in a first problem world. As young girls we are sold this idea that we must get that diamond ring, the picket fence, those shoes, that nose, ‘what SHE has’ to be happy. We assume we will be happy when we get it, and when we get it, we are also unhappy. That is because the focus has not been on appreciating and amplifying a young woman's substance, inner voice and fire within.”

"American Girl” penned by Bundy, Carter and Jeremy Adelman, features poignant thought provoking lyrics such as: “Too young for the bar/So I went to the bank/Got a loan for college/Where all I did was drank/Workin’ so hard to repay Sallie Mae/Gonna have to freeze my eggs if I want kids someday/If you build it they will come/I don’t think that works for everyone/Chevrolet promises windblown hair /Now I’m stuck in traffic going nowhere”

Continuing Bundy adds, “Sometimes it seems easier to just surrender and focus on external things to make ourselves happy, so we consume and go into debt consuming and then self-medicate and the cycle continues… and we still wish we were like 'that woman that has it all’... but THAT woman feels the same damn way."

“American Girl” follows Bundy’s stirring rendition of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and her ultimate female empowerment anthem "Get It Girl, You Go” off of Women of Tomorrow.

Inspired by the music of Glenn Miller, Doris Day, Peggy Lee, and classic MGM movie musicals, Women of Tomorrow, coming out in Spring 2021,is vintage in sound but not in subject matter. Like the current pop elements sprinkled throughout, this album encapsulates the experiences of today’s modern women.  These original songs cover issues like equal pay, breaking the glass ceiling, over-apologizing, the mental load of motherhood, pitting women against each other, holding women to unrealistic beauty standards, the obsession with social media, ownership over women’s bodies, doing it all, and women’s relationship to men.

The project is being released through a partnership with ONErpm.