Writer And Comedian Lauren Ashley Smith Joins 'Slumber Party' Podcast

On the latest episode of Slumber Party with Tim Murray, Tim is joined by Lauren Ashley Smith, Head Writer and Co-Executive Producer of A Black Lady Sketch Show. As a comedian, Lauren is the former host of the Zagat webseries, Chefs Eating Tacos. Lauren has appeared on VH1.com, The Scene, Refinery29, and the Netflix original series, The Characters.

Tim Murray on this weeks episode: Chatting with Lauren Ashley Smith was an absolute blast because she is a hilarious comedian with a long list of professional accomplishments and yet she has as many musical theatre fangirl obsessions as I do. We discussed everything from how many times she has seen Wicked to the years we sat at stage doors with our digital cameras. I love talking to queer people about their slumber parties growing up and Lauren tells a story about how her parents gave her cat away while she was at a friend's house that will have listeners cracking up laughing. 

Listen to the full episode in the player above.

Photo: Lauren Ashley Smith