Alex Timbers & Moulin Rouge Celebrates Broadway in "We Will be Back" Video

As we prepare to say goodbye (or good riddance) to 2020, Alex Timbers and Moulin Rouge! The Musical, wanted to leave a positive mark on our community before we ring in 2021. In the video above, Timbers looks forward to what is to come in the New Year but also celebrates the resilience of not only his Moulin Rouge! The Musical cast but the Broadway community as a whole.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical is, at its heart, about a group of artists who are in danger of losing their theater -- the place they call home. Over the last nine months, this message has resonated more than ever. In a new video we’ve recently produced, our director Alex Timbers celebrates the strength and resilience of the artists of Moulin Rouge! The Musical and the entire theater community.  As we look forward to 2021 and our return to Broadway, please join us in celebrating these spectacular artists and if you can, please consider donating to The Actors Fund to help support the thousands of artists and members of the theater community who are still suffering from the economic effects of Covid-19.

Now more then ever, the Broadway community needs your help and support. To learn how you can make a difference this holiday season, please visit The Actors Fund where you can make a tax-deductible donation today. Your contribution will go right to work to help everyone in performing arts and entertainment in need, in particular our seniors, immunocompromised individuals and those in financial distress who need our help.

Watch the full video in the player above.

Photo: Moulin Rouge! The Musical