MCC Theater Lanches MCC On Demand: A Streaming Service

MCC Theater will launch its new streaming platform MCC On Demand on October 28.

MCC On Demand provides on demand access to MCC's virtual content. Subscribers will be able to watch whenever they want within the available streaming period. Single ticket buyers will have access to certain digital events and performances that will be available for 24-hour rentals. Subscribers will have 3 subscription packages to choose from, ranging from a digital-only option to complete access to the entire upcoming 2020/2021 season, which will be announced later this week.

Subscriptions begin at $60 with single tickets will also be available. All subscriptions purchased through Sunday, November 15th will be matched with a free subscription for first responders and veterans can receive $10 off their subscription price.

Get more information and sign up at the official website.