Growin' Up Broadway Is Back With TikTok Superstar Daniel J. Mertzlufft

During quarantine, Growin' Up Broadway moved production from podcasting to video interviews. The podcast is now back and to kick off our first episode Tim McDonald and SJ Arnegger sit down with TikTok Superstar Daniel J. Mertzlufft!

Daniel's viral TikTok "grocery store" musical blew up the internet with 4.6 million views garnering the attention of Good Morning America, Buzzfeed and Broadway fans around the world! Daniel talks about what it was like to have so much attention on his video within 24 hours and what he has learned from his experience. Listeners should note that Daniel AKA "Mr. Sparkles" as is the composer behind the Growin' Up Broadway theme song. As our guest, Daniel also participates in our weekly musical theatre quiz!

Listen to the full episode in the player above.