Olivier Awards To Be Announced October 25, 2020

The big winners of the 2020 Olivier Awards will be announced during a special program on Sunday October 25, 2020. It will be broadcast on ITV, Magic Radio, and portions of the broadcast shown on the Official London Theatre's YouTube Channel.

As with many other award shows this one will be filmed differently than usual. From the Olivier Awards website:

The awards show will be broadcast from different areas within the London Palladium and contain a mixture of the awards themselves, unique performances, interviews and some very special moments. Due to the ongoing situation, the majority of the show will be pre-filmed in the days leading up to the broadcasts.

Other news out of this is that there won't be an Olivier Awards in 2021 due to limited amounts of new productions. The next awards will be seen in April of 2022.

To learn more on the Olivier Awards visit their site, click here.