Dr. Anthony Fauci Talks About Broadway's Gradual Return

Photo: Getty

While it's clear that Broadway won't be back for 2020 one thing that remains up in the air is when it will return. At the start of the pandemic in March many thought things would be back in the fall but now many productions are looking to 2021. Dr. Anthony Fauci provided his guidance on how and when Broadway will start to return.

Talking with Evan Roider, musical director for the Wicked national tour, Fauci reportedly said that Broadway will see a gradual return in 2021.

As vaccines control the virus more and more, we can foresee a significant lessening of restrictive public health measures so that we gradually approach true ‘normal’ as we get through 2021

Fauci also added that it would depend on your areas particular situation when you talk about a return to things like live entertainment.

Depending on the level of infection in a state/city/community, I can see opening of theaters with attention to varying degrees of masking, reduced capacity, and attention to other public health issues.

This is a little bit reassuring considering Fauci had stated earlier this month that places like Broadway wouldn't be able to safely return for a year or more after a vaccine had come out.

Source: New York Times