Max Clayton and Other Broadway Performers Lead New Dance Short Film

Photo: Getty

A new short film called SC7NARIO is set to debut on September 19, part of National Dance Day. The film will launch on BroadwayHD and feature over 30 Broadway performers.

SC7NARIO, choreographed by Banji Aborisade and is directed by Aborisade and Moogie Brooks, will feature Max Clayton, Amber Ardolino, Ryan Breslin, Karla Garcia, Francesca Granell, and more.

The synopsis from Playbill,

...a writer sits alone in a cafe as he cultivates a new story. As he paints a picture of the day’s happenings, the patrons around him serve as his muses. While the stories initially bend and twist to his will, his control of the world begins to slip through his fingers, leading him to question:Am I the storyteller or the story?

Watch the official trailer below.