Andrew Lloyd Webber Shares Concerns Over UK Theatre System Amid Shutdowns

Photo: Getty

The subject of live theatre and the coronavirus shutdowns has been soemthing that we've covered on numerous occasions. As we creep closer to the holiday season many in the business are worried about the future of the industry, including famed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

In a new interview with Variety, Webber has warned us about a "point of no return" for the UK theatre sector. He told the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport that they need to get their arts and entertainment venues back up and running.

We simply have to get our arts sector back open and running. We are at the point of no return now.

One of the main concerns now is that opening at 30% capacity would still be harmful to the industry. From their call "...venue capacities will be far below the level required to break even when audiences and fans are required to maintain social distancing."

There currently is a plan in the works in the UK that can bring families back to the theatre by Christmas call "Operation Sleeping Beauty."

To read the full interview from Variety, click here.