COVID Relief Fund Launched By Costume Industry Coalition

Photo: Broadway

While Broadway has been significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic certain areas of the business have been hit harder than most. The costume industry has seen income vanish. With no shows happening they have no one to fit for a wardrobe.

The Costume Industry Coalition has now come together in a effort to help out the pattern makers, cutters, stitchers, tailors, milliners, hand finishers and other artisans in New York City. They've set their fundraising goal at $4.5 million which will help out those who operate on stage, dance, television, film, opera, cruise ships, and concerts.

Between now and September 25, 2020 they will match donations of up to $100,000. The majority of this relief fund will be used to help employees with rent, health insurance, and other expenses.

To donate, click here.