Variety Announces Their 2020 Broadway To Watch List

Photo: Getty

While Broadway remains closed down that doesn't mean that there aren't some major players to keep your eyes on in 2020. That's why Variety has released their Broadway To Watch list for 2020.

On that list are many shining stars on the industry. Steven Gaydos, executive vice president of global content and executive editor, said:

Despite the current state of Broadway, there’s no doubt that the Great White Way will soon be back on its feet and entertaining audiences from all over the world. Variety is pleased to celebrate and recognize the artists on stage and behind the scenes that have made a mark and are going to be part of so many new and exciting shows.”

On that list is:

  • Broadway Advocacy Coalition
  • Jocelyn Bioh
  • Camille A. Brown
  • Michael R. Jackson
  • Brian Moreland
  • Kate Navin
  • Cody Renard Richard
  • Ephraim Sykes
  • Shaina Taub
  • Schele Williams

To see the full list breakdown, click here.