Ethan Slater Releases 'Life is Weird' EP

Photo: Getty

Tony award nominee Ethan Slater has officially released his second EP, Life is Weird. Slater, known for his role in Broadway's Spongebob Squarepants, has once again teamed up with Mike Dobson on this latest project.

This EP contains three songs. A cover of Phoenix's 'Lisztomania' along with two original songs. The first is the EP title track, 'Life is Weird' and 'Under the Cathedral.'

From the official release:

The Life Is Weird EP has, in some ways, been a long time coming. The three songs all speak to a certain element of my growing up and seizing the moment, whatever that means. When I was performing on Broadway, I got to hear from a lot of young people who reached out with a lot of questions about ‘life.’ Things there was no way I could answer. And it made me think about myself in high school, and the anxiety of all those unanswerable questions (which I never solved). So I wrote Life Is Weird, to make some sense of my experience going through that.

Listen to the EP now via Spotify.