Irene Gandy And Emilio Sosa Talk Black Representation On Broadway

Broadway producer and press agent Irene Gandy and costume/fashion designer Emilio Sosa (Esosa) join the Show & Tell with Frank DiLella podcast to talk about Black representation on Broadway.

Emilio Sosa on Black representation on Broadway: "Broadway's just a microcosm of the world in a sense...I'm fortune enough to be in some of these rooms where I may be the only one or two other people of color in the room of twenty and that's been like that for my entire career. But I'm fortune that I am the one there and hopefully what this movement has taught me is that I have to be more vocal and not think so much of myself and it's not for me, it's about the ones that come after me."

Listen to the full episode in the player above.

Photos: Getty Images