Kevin Cahoon Joins Show & Tell to Talk Netflix's GLOW & Broadway Career

Actor Kevin Cahoon joins Show & Tell with Frank DiLella to chat about his role on Neflix's GLOW and goes down memory lane by talking through his Broadway and Off-Broadway resume. Netflix's GLOW is currently in its third season and has been renewed for a fourth and final season.

Kevin Cahoon on auditioning and being a part of GLOW: "I have the great fortune of playing Bobby Barnes in season three of GLOW. I was in LA and I was doing a production of The Tempest with the LA Philharmonic and it was a really cool, fancy thing and I had no idea why I was there. But Barry Edelstein, the Director, called me, asked me to be a part and I gladly didn't it. And then I get an email from my agent saying "Hey they're looking to cast this character GLOW, can you come in to the audition. They want three female impersonations and they're going to give you sides'. I had rehearsal, so I said let me make a tape. So I had 24 hours to make this tape and it was really like the Amazing Race Theatre Edition...And I thought I'm not going to go three female impersonations, I'm going to do five. Because I'm going to throw everything tp them and see what comes back. So I did Cher, Carol Channing, Shirley MacLaine, Loretta Lynn - I was thinking of women who sing low - and then I threw Tammy Faye Baker in because it is the mid 80's and I thought that will be the wild card...And that's how the job came about and I was going to stay in LA for six weeks and ended up staying for six months. And it was the most joyous, rewarding experience and one of the top three of my life."

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