Julie Halston Talks Broadway Career And New 'Virtual Halston" Show

Broadway actress and comedian Julie Halston joins the Show & Tell with Frank DilLella podcast this week to chat about her legendary career. She also gives listeners some insight on her new weekly show 'Virtual Halston' which airs every Friday at 5pm on Youtube.

Julie Halston on her new show: "When I did my one woman show and I put those clips of the things I do in my show on Instagram, Facebook and whatnot...so many people watch those clips that I thought, maybe there is something here. So what we're going to do is, it's going to be Fridays at 5pm, the cocktail hour, so of course you can bring an adult beverage to 'Virtual Halston' if you want. We're going to do readings. I'm going to talk about my little segment called 'Close Encounter With the Celebrity Kind', which I talk all about my name dropping and enounters with big celebrities. Like the time I went to the first first farewell tour of Barbra Streisand with Liza Minnelli and Richard Simmons came up to my husband and I was like "This is the gayest night of my life!"

Listen to the full episode in the player above.

Photo: Getty Images