'Broadway For Racial Justice' Fights for Equity Within Broadway Community

Broadway for Racial Justice is a new non-profit (status pending) organization that was recently founded by Brandon Michael Nase in response to the lack messaging from some of Broadway's largest organizations in support of Black Lives Matter. The organization seeks to fight for the racial justice and equity within the Broadway industry as well as the overall theatre communities at large throughout our country.

In a statement on the Broadway for Racial Justice website, Nase introduces what's the goals are to fulfill the mission as the organization creates their beginning phase of planning:

“Hi, my name is Brandon Michael Nase, the founder of Broadway for Racial Justice. I wanted to publicly post, and give voice to the mission of our organization. Broadway for Racial Justice (BFRJ) is a new organization that seeks to aid in the fight for racial justice and equity within the theatre community at large. There are two main ways in which our organization will go about fulfilling this mission in our beginning phases:

-We will be working with other organizations in the theatre community in the development of an emergency fund that all artists of color, regardless of union affiliation, will be able to apply for if needed.

-We will also be establishing a hotline that BIPOC and POC can phone into, to report racism in the work place to another BIPOC. The caller will be provided an advocate in addressing these instances, and making sure they are resolved and tangible protocol is put into place so it doesn’t happen again.

At our core, BFRJ is an organization seeking to give voice, and bring aid, to those BIPOC in the theatre community that have felt unseen, and unsafe, with no one to turn to. We are here, we see you, and we are not a trend.”

To learn how you can donate to Broadway for Racial Justice please visit their website (link above).