Father And Daughter Recreate Every Character In Beetlejuice 'Day-O' Scene

While we are all stuck in quarantine, some families have binged the entire season of Ozark, some are playing in the backyard and others are recreating scenes from iconic movies like Beetlejuice... Oh that's not your family? That's right because it happened with Gelsey Laurie family.

A father and daughter took it upon themselves to take the time they have at home and recreate the iconic "Day-O" dinner scene from Tim Burton's Beetlejuice. The two of them playing every character themselves. One YouTube comment reads, "Absolutely loved this, oh my its so spot on!!! This made me so happy to see, thank you both!!" Another saying, "Almost criminal this hasn’t exploded onto the front page."

What do you think of their portrayal of the scene?! Watch above and let us know!

Photo: Beetlejuice/Warner Bros.