'We Are Freestyle Love Supreme' To Premiere on Hulu June 5th

"Freestyle Love Supreme" Opening Night/Getty Images

Before In the Heights and Hamilton there was one place where you could find Lin-Manuel Miranda and a host of other future superstars. The hip-hop improv show called Freestyle Love Supreme. Now a documentary, We Are Freestyle Love Supreme, will take you through the 15 year journey of Miranda and the other members of this improv group. It is set to premiere on Hulu in June 5, 2020 and is directed by Andrew Fried.

Broadway.com reports,

Fried began filming when the group first toured the show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2005, and the documentary shows footage of Miranda, Kail, Veneziale, Christopher Jackson, James Monroe Iglehart, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Chris Sullivan, Bill Sherman and Andrew Bancroft. We Are Freestyle Love Supreme reveals why this show still means so much to these accomplished performers.

Freestyle Love Supreme made its Broadway debut in 2019 at the Booth Theatre.

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