Broadway To Go Blue Weekly To Support Front Line COVID-19 Heroes

After participating last week, Broadway theatres will continue to take part the Light It Blue campaign; a national show of support and gratitude for the health care heroes, first responders, essential workers, and all who are on the front lines of the current COVID-19 crisis every day.

Theatres with remote access to their marquees and digital billboards will now dim lights and activate digital marquees with messages of encouragement every Thursday from 8 PM to 8:15 PM.

The Light It Blue campaign, organized by volunteers from the entertainment and events industry, has lined up more than 100 major landmarks and electronic signs across NYC and the rest of the United States. The campaign invites businesses and venues across the country to simultaneously turn blue in support of the front line staff and essential workers who are confronting the virus in hospitals, grocery stores, and other essential businesses throughout the U.S. and reminds the public to stay at home and save lives.

Photo: Getty