Drama League Has Launched a Ghost Light Fundraiser For Directors

When Broadway went dark on March 12th many other theaters around the country also had to drop the curtains. When those curtains will rise again remains to be seen, but every part of the theater world is feeling the impact of the coronavirus, COVID-19.

The Drama League has launched ghost light fundraiser to help directors around the country who have been affected.

From the Drama League website:

Directors are Leaders of the Theater. In this time of chaos, we need leaders more than ever.  Help us help Directors lead the theater from darkness to curtain up. We built their home, let’s keep the light on.

They are asking those who patronize Broadway shows to simply donate the cost of the ticket they would have bought this month in order to help this fundraiser.

"For every dollar donated, .25 will be allocated to the Directors Emergency Relief Fund, which will provide direct financial assistance to Directors who have lost work and need help to make ends meet through the duration of the crisis through "rapid" micro-grants."

Broadway News reports,

Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents will be eligible for the grants. Directors must also provide proof of professional stage directing work. The campaign includes the Stage Directors COVID-19 Impact Survey, in which directors nationwide can provide information on how the outbreak has affected them.

If you want to donate, click here.