Ben Platt And 'Dear Evan Hansen' Cast Perform 'You Will Be Found'

Monday night's special edition of The Late Late Show with James Corden featured an array of stars, all performing from their homes for a concert event titled Homefest: A Late Late Show Special.

For the grand finale, Corden introduced Broadway's original Evan Hansen Ben Platt, along with cast members from the current Broadway and National Touring companies of Dear Evan Hansen to perform "You Will Be Found."

Corden begins the final segment describing the range of emotions he has felt during the COVID-19 pandemic. He says "I found myself having these incredible spikes of anxiety and sadness when I've allowed myself to think about my family back home in England or my friends or the people I love. You feel so out of control in it all, it feels beyond out comprehension. I've realized it's okay right now to feel a bit sad and anxious." Corden goes onto say that "You Will Be Found" has helped him through this difficult time.

Watch the beautiful performance in the video player above.