Jennifer Nettles Shares Inspiring Rendition Of "Tomorrow" Ft Alex Lacamoire

Broadway alum Jennifer Nettles recorded a beautiful cover the inspiring song "Tomorrow" from Annie in response to COVID-19.

With the help of Dear Evan Hansen's Alex Lacamoire and Jason Patrick Sands, the video served as a tribute to the pain, anxiety and uncertainty we are all feeling in this difficult time, especially here in NYC. 

Nettles shared the video as a gift to the world with the below message:

In this strange and scary moment, I wanted to make an offering in the best way I know how: music. The message of this song feels so true to me. Originally sang by a hopeful child (in the musical “Annie”), this arrangement has some gravitas. It is a message of hope, but one that comes through wisdom, and wisdom is often won through challenge.  These times are uncertain and anxiety-laden. We are worried for our health, for our loved ones, for our finances and for our futures, all the while practicing social distancing, which can be hard on the human psyche and soul. But, as the song sings of hope, the collage video also shows reasons we have hope: We have been through challenging times together as a country before. We have made sacrifices on the fire, we have seen movements and leaders rise from those ashes and we have found ourselves forged by those fires within our communities and families. *And to my beautiful Broadway community: I recorded this song with Alex Lacamoire on March 12th, the day that Broadway had to shut its doors in order to protect their patrons by no longer assembling in the beautiful masses that come to enjoy story telling through theatre. Alex and I were in the studio finishing an album of theatre songs (more on this later:-). It seemed poignantly and eerily kismet that we recorded it as the last session, on our last day in the studio, and then found out Broadway was closed. My love for you quickened me to offer this song to us all. Sending you all love. And major thanks to another from my Broadway family: Jason Patrick Sands for making the video to let this song live on the web for folks to enjoy!

Watch the touching video in the video player above.