The 24 Hour Plays Launches Viral Monologues With Richard Kind And More

The 24 Hour Plays will release its first-ever series of Viral Monologues on IGTV (@24hourplays) and online from 6:00 PM until midnight. The new monologues will be published one every 15 minutes.

20 of the theatre world’s top writers have been paired with 20 game actors and have written unique monologues just for them.

Participants include: David Cross, Richard Kind, Rachel Dratch, Bobby Moreno, Amy Hargreaves, Andre Royo, Joel Marsh Garland, Denis O’Hare, and Timothy Douglas, Will Swenson Hugh Dancy, Russell G. Jones, Tavi Gevinson, Marin Ireland, Isabelle Fuhrman, Katherine McNamara, Ashlie Atkinson, Haskiri Velasquez, Patrick Wilson, and Dagmara Domińczyk. The original monologues were written by David Lindsay-Abaire, Hilary Bettis, Hansol Jung, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Christopher Oscar Peña, Howard Sherman, Jesse Eisenberg, Simon Rich, Sam Chanse, Kathleen Hale, Jenny Rachel Weiner, Lily Padilla, Harrison David Rivers, Ken Greller, Rachel Axler, Lily Houghton, Charlie O’Leary and Monique Moses.

“We’re The 24 Hour Plays and we go to work,” said artistic director Mark Armstrong in the press release. “We've always made work about the most difficult moments in our lives, from 9/11 to Hurricane Sandy to the 2016 election. After my friend Howard Sherman called me with a perfect idea, we figured out how to do just that now without physically getting people together,” said artistic director Mark Armstrong. “It’s a privilege to work with these incredible talents to capture this moment and help give our friends around the world something that only the arts can provide.”

Actors received their monologues this morning at 9 AM, are filming their performances throughout the day today during the time of social distancing, and at 6 PM their videos will begin to be released to the world.

Photo: Getty