Richie Jackson Chats About His Life, Career and New Book

On this Show and Tell with Frank DiLella, Richie Jackson joins to talk about his career as a producer, his life with husband Jordan Roth and his new book Gay Like Me: A Father Writes to His Son.

DiLella asked Jackson what made him want to write this book,

"I hadn't intended to write a book. I was thinking about writing a TV show about an older gay man like me who comes across a younger gay man and they're thrown into an apartment together and the hilarity would ensue. As I was making character descriptions and plot outlines, my husband Jordan Roth, our 15 year old son told us he was gay and I was elated... I was thinking of all the things I needed to share with him of what it means to be a gay man... I had to tell him what it take to be a gay man in America right now."

Jackson later describes his book as the book he wish he had growing up. Listen to the full podcast in the player above.