Broadway's 'Be More Chill' Is Heading to Chicago in Spring 2020

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Chicago is about to get one of the freshest musicals of 2019. Be More Chill is heading to the Apollo Theater on April 26, 2020. Previews will begin on April 17th and tickets are officially on sale now.

Be More Chill is known for having an incredibly large audience on social media as well as a very passionate young fanbase. Despite both of those things it only played for six months on Broadway in New York, never winning over the critics, and didn't recoup its investment. Now the producers of the show are looking to revamp the show in Chicago.

Producer Jerry Goehring told the Chicago Tribune that the team of Joe Tracz, Joe Iconis, and Stephen Brackett will "extensively rework and restage the show." Goehring went on to say that he "heeded the reviews" and now he wants to make Be More Chill more intimate and a more "truthful musical experience."

The team is confident that they will find their actors in Chicago, but another obstacle is that Broadway in Chicago is not presenting this show. The producers have set out on their own with this production.

Photo: Getty