'Hadestown' Is First Musical of the Season To Recoup Broadway Investment

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Hadestown continues its massive Broadway success. The Tony Award-winner for Best New Musical has become the first musical of the 2018-2019 seaosn to recoup its initial Broadway investment of $11.5 million.

The show continues to set box office records at the Walter Kerr Theatre, where it's been playing since March of 2019. It grossed an all-time best of $1,523,311for the week ending in October 13th. it has help to make Hadestown the highest grossing musical in the theatre's history. The shows are surrently playing to standing room only crowds.

Mara Isaacs, lead producer, said:

Hadestown is a testament to the power of live theater to connect us all. It started in 2006 as an indie theater project, traveling around New England in a silver-painted school bus and has grown to something that has touched millions of people. As this show has developed, we have welcomed a wonderful group of artists, friends, collaborators, fans, and fellow co-producers to join Anaïs Mitchell and Rachel Chavkin on this journey. And as we look forward to the upcoming national tour and beyond, I can’t help but reflect on Anaïs, jammed into that tiny silver bus with a group of friends, all simply believing in the power of art to change the world.

Tickets and information for Hadestown can be found here.

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