Jason Sherwood Talks 'Rent Live,' Emmys, and Sara Bareilles

Set designer Jason Sherwood, stops by Show & Tell with Frank DiLella to chat about designing Rent Live! and winning an Emmy for his design.

I hadn't really designed for television before so to get to do it and partially be on home turf with a theatre project and with a show I have loved forever like Rent was amazing... I used to go see that show when I was a teenager, I saw it a bunch of times. Growing up in the tri-state area and as a young person going to college in New York City and understanding what happened in New York in the 80s and 90s, it felt like a moment to honor the community that has embraced me as a gay person. The show moves people.

Sherwood's upcoming designs include Sara Bareilles’ “Amidst the Chaos” Tour, Evita at NY City Center, and Endlings at New York Theatre Workshop.

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