The Lightning Thief's Jorrel Javier Has Been A Life-Long Fan Of The Series

Sam from the Elvis Duran Show went backstage of Broadway's The Lightning Thief to Jorrel Javier's dressing room to chat with him before a preview performance of the show.

Javier opened up about his love of the series,

"I was part of a huge part of the fandom all through middle school and high school... I thought I outgrew the series, but I didn't. Actually, I donated my very first copy of The Lightning Thief because I thought 'it had served me so well I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and pass this blessing along because I highly doubt that this musical was gonna be in my life forever.' Plot twist, I'm in the musical now and it's forever gonna be a part of my of my life... I came in with the intention of just bringing what my vision was for Grover and mr. D all the way back from like when I was 11."

How awesome is that!? Later, they chat about how excited Jorrel Javier is to be making his Broadway debut and how accepting the entire Broadway community is.

Performances of The Lightning Thief began on Friday, September 20, 2019 ahead of a Wednesday, October 16, 2019 opening night. The Lightning Thief is running on a limited engagement at the Longacre Theatre until January 5, 2020. Get tickets and more information here.