TEDxBroadway Announces Speaker Lineup

TEDxBroadway 2019 is taking place at the New World Stages on September 24th, 2019. 

The organizers have released the complete list of speakers for the event. TEDxBroadway co-organizer and founder of Situation, Damian Bazadona stated, “I always say, come with an open mind and you'll leave with something you never could have expected. I don't mean five things you can do to be successful tomorrow. I'm talking about ideas and conversations that could change the future course of the Broadway community."

Speakers for the event will include Sammi Cannold, Laura Heywood, Marianne Eaves, Matt Jozwiak, Oshoke Pamela Abalu, Sebastian Herscher, Matt Hirst, Shakina Nayfack, Arvind Ethan David, David S. Leong, Eva Price, Marshall W. Mabry IV, Karen Zacarías, Amy E. Gallo and Drew Hodges.

Jim McCarthy, TEDxBroadway co-founder and CEO of Goldstar stated,"We're incredibly excited about the breadth and depth the speakers are bringing to the stage for the Broadway community this year,"They're experts in things like human-centered design solutions, large-scale shared immersive experiences, and yes, even Bourbon, and all have unique insights that may spark ideas within us to help make Broadway the best it can be."

Registration for the TEDxBroadway conference will begin at 1:00pm on September 24.