Disney's 'Encore!' Will Take You Back To High School

Those of us who performed on stage while we were in high school and college know how it feels to be up there in the lights. The big question is how many of us continued on performing after that?

If we had to guess we would have to say not man. Not to say that you didn't want to, but life happens.

That's exactly the subject of one of the new Disney+ series. It's called Encore! and it will take you back to your glory days of performing.

Hosted by Kristen Bell, the series focuses on former classmates far removed from their original high school productions. It reunites them to re-create their original high school performances. The difference this time is that they'll have help from some of Broadway's biggest talents.

Can they pull it off? You'll have to check it out when it debuts November 12th on the new Disney+ streaming service!