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Listen To 'Moulin Rouge's' 'The Sparkling Diamond' Single

On August 30, 2019 the full cast recording of Moulin Rouge! The Musical will be released. Ahead of the album comes the first single from RCA Records, "The Sparkling Diamond." You can hear the full track above.

All tracks will be available for streaming on August 30, 2019 from Baz Luhrmann's label, House of Iona and RCA. You can preorder the full cast album now, click here. Physical copies of the album will be available at a date yet to be determined.

Here is the full track listing:

  1. Welcome to The Moulin Rouge!
  2. Truth Beauty Freedom Love
  3. The Sparkling Diamond
  4. Shut Up and Raise Your Glass
  5. Firework
  6. Your Song
  7. So Exciting! (The Pitch Song)
  8. SympathyForThe Duke
  9. Nature Boy
  10. Elephant Love Medley
  11. Backstage Romance
  12. Come What May
  13. Only GirlInA Material World
  14. Chandelier
  15. El Tango De Roxanne
  16. Crazy Rolling
  17. Your Song Reprise
  18. Finale (Come What May)
  19. MoreMoreMore! (Encore)

Moulin Rouge! The Musical is currently playing on Broadway at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, where it officially opened in July.