Casting Announced For Roundabout Theatre's The Rose Tattoo

Tennessee Williams' Tony Award-winning play, The Rose Tattoo, is coming to the Roundabout Theatre this fall! We have just learned who will be joining Marisa Tomei as cast members, and we have a complete list!

From the press release:

Cassie Beckas “Miss Yorke,”Alexander Bello as “Salvatore,”Tina Benko as “Estelle Hoehengarten,”Susan Cella as “Giuseppina,”Emun Elliott as “Alvaro Mangiacavallo,”Paige Gilbert as “Bessie,”Greg Hildreth as “The Salesman,”Isabella Iannelli as “Vivi,”Jacob Michael Laval as “Bruno,”Antoinette Lavecchia as “Peppina,”Kecia Lewis as “Assunta,”Ellyn Marie Marsh as “Violetta,”Portia as “Flora,”Ella Rubin as “Rosa,”Jennifer Sánchez as “Mariella,”Constance Shulman as “The Strega,”andBurke Swanson as “Jack.”

The play will be directed by Trip Cullman. The design team includes Mark Wendland, Ben Stanton, Clint Ramos, Lucy Mackinnon, and Fitz Patton.

Previews will begin on September 19, 2019 and the play will officially open on October 15, 2019.

Tickets forThe Rose Tattoo are available by calling 212.719.1300 or online at

Photo: Getty