Faye Dunaway Fired From Tea at Five for Alleged Abuse


The Broadway-bound play Tea at Five is now without Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway.

According to the New York Post, Dunaway has been fired from the Boston based play for created a "hostile and dangerous" environment backstage. They also report that members of the production crew feared for their safety.

Dunaway was portraying Katherine Hepburn in the play. A July 10th performance was cancelled after she slapped a crew member and threw things at crew members when they were trying to put her wig on. After learning of the cancellation, Dunaway began verbally abusing the crew, according to a source.

In a statement, the producers of Tea at Five said that the play would continue on to London, and Dunaway's role would be recast with a new actress.

Dunaway was also famously fired by Andrew Lloyd Webber before she opened the LA production of Sunset Boulevard.

Tea at Five is a one woman play by Matthew Lombardo. It is Katherine Hepburn's recovery from a car accident that took place in 1983.

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